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Pest Control Services East Bay

We pride ourselves on providing a holistic approach to pest management and understand the importance of keeping your home pest free, while minimizing the use of harmful chemicals.

Accordingly, our staff is extensively trained regarding the biology and behavior of pests, so that we can provide you with a wide variety of services, with exceptional customer service.

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To protect your home, we offer the following year round services:

Preventative Maintenance Services:

With our preventative services, we can identify any potential problems, prior to becoming a full blown infestation and give your family peace of mind that your house is pest free.

  • Initial Visit: We will survey both inside your house and the exterior perimeter of your house to determine past infestations and perform the necessary treatments.
  • Quarterly visits: Our trained staff will visit your home every 3 months and perform an exterior perimeter treatment.  If you find a problem in between our regulary visits, we will come to your house and treat the problem at no cost to you.

New insect infestations

Have a new infestation?  We’ll come to your home and determine the extent of your pest infestation problems and remediation solutions.

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