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Orange Oil Termite Treatments

orange oil treatment

If the thought of fumigating your house with strong chemicals concerns you, Orange Oil Termite Treatments are right for you.  There is no need to leave your house, bag your food or remove plants when using Orange Oil to treat termites.

What Is Orange Oil?

Orange Oil is a renewable resource that comes from oranges and is not classified as a synthetic chemical or a toxic air contaminant.

Orange Oil is oil released from the rinds of oranges through a pressing and steam distillation process.  Chances are you have a product in your home that contains Orange Oil; as it is used in many products including cleaning solutions, pet shampoos, soaps, and perfumes.

XT-2000 Orange Oil is commercial grade orange oil used in pest control and contains 95% of the active ingredient D-limonene.

How Does Orange Oil Work?

The active ingredient, D-limonene, dissolves the termites exoskeleton, which ultimately kills the termites.  Termites the come in direct contact with Orange Oil, it’s vapors or eat the treated wood will be destroyed.

Having a good product is one aspect of termite control.  Knowing where to put the Orange Oil is another.  Our trained inspectors have over 20 years experience in termite control.

The Pursuit

Our XT-2000 Orange Oil Certified inspector will perform a thorough inspection of you home to locate all of the areas of termite infestation.  This process is completed for all homes, regardless of type of treatment you select.

We will use a boroscope to pinpoint the exact location and extent of the infesations.  A boroscope is an optical viewing device consisting of a hollow tube that has an eyepiece at one end and a lens at the other end.  Their tubing can be rigid or flexible.  Boroscopes allow our Inspectors to see into areas within the wall of your home where we could not otherwise see.

The Treatment

Comprehensive drill and treat method.

We pride ourselves on leaving your home exactly how we found it, minus the termites!

In order to treat the affected areas, small holes have to be made in the wood to administer the Orange Oil.  Next we inject the holes with XT-2000 Orange Oil into the holes to eradicate the termites.  Finally, we patch and paint the holes, leaving no trace of the holes behind, only the sweet smell of oranges remains.

Our Orange Oil Certified Specialists can also provide you with a warranty of services performed.

The End Result

  • You don’t have to move out of your home, saving you time and money
  • You get professional results guaranteed
  • You use a product made from a renewable resource

Ongoing Maintenance

Termites have lived on this Earth, longer than humans and are not leaving anytime soon.  Whatever treatment you chose, including ours, there’s a chance that new termites make their way back into your home.

The most effective way to deal with termites is to approach treatment as an ongoing maintenance process.  Our Certified Inspectors can help you determine the maintenance plan that is right for you.

XT-2000 Orange Oil does will take care of your termite infestation whether you chose a primary treatment option or a maintenance option.

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